Area 19-Mira Loma Village-Jurupa Valley Residential Real Estate Market Update-October 2023

Area 19-Mira Loma Village-Jurupa Valley Residential Real Estate Market Update-October 2023

Jurupa Valley 91752

Residential Real Estate Market Update

October 2023

Area of Focus:

19 – Mira Loma – Village (See Map)


This report provides an analysis of the residential real estate market as of the end of October 2023 for the Mira Loma Village area in the City of Jurupa Valley.

End of Month Active Listings: There were zero active listings at the end of October.

New Listings: No new listings were recorded for the month.

Months Supply Inventory: The months’ supply of inventory also stood at zero.

Closed Sales: There were no closed sales during October.

Average Days on Market: No data is available for the average days on the market.

List to Sold Price %: There is no available data for the list to sold price percentage.

Average Sales Price: No data is available for the average sales price in October.

Average Price per Square Foot: No data is available for this metric.

Sales Data Since January 1, 2023

First House Sold in February:

Listing Price: $610,000

Sold Price: $615,000

Observation: This sale indicates a slightly higher sold price than the listing price, suggesting a competitive offer situation or a well-valued property.

Second House Sold in August:

Listing Price: $525,000

Sold Price: $580,000

Observation: The significant increase from the listing to the sold price suggests either a very competitive market condition at the time of sale, or the property might have had unique features or desirability factors.

Interpretation and Market Implications

The Mira Loma Village area, as of October 2023, shows a complete absence of market activity in terms of listings and sales. This could be indicative of several market conditions:

Stability or Satisfaction: Residents might be content in their homes, resulting in low turnover.

Market Attractiveness: The area might currently lack market attractiveness due to various factors, leading to no new listings or sales.

Economic or Local Factors: External economic conditions or local developments might be influencing the market activity.

The sales data from earlier in the year suggest that the few properties that were sold fetched prices above their listing values, indicating a possible seller’s advantage during those specific periods. This could be reflective of the quality of homes or the demand dynamics at those times.


As of October 2023, the Mira Loma Village area in Jurupa Valley presents a unique real estate scenario with no active market activity.

While the complete absence of current data limits a comprehensive analysis, the sales earlier in the year provide some insight into the market conditions at those times.

The lack of recent activity necessitates careful observation in the coming months to understand evolving trends and potential shifts in this local real estate market.

For a comprehensive understanding of how these trends can impact your real estate decisions, contact me.  I provide expert guidance and strategic insights and can guide you through these interesting times in real estate.

For expert guidance, strategic insights, or a detailed and personalized analysis of your home, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I am committed to providing accurate and updated information to assist you in all your real estate needs.


Manny Barba




MB Live Realty, Inc.


Note: All data in this report is from California Regional Multiple Listing Service (CRMLS) All information should be independently reviewed and verified for accuracy. This report is for informational purposes only and not intended as financial or investment advice.



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